Analysis of Three different power factor correction solutions



In the intricate dance of electricity consumption, businesses face a crucial partner: power factor correction (PFC). This dynamic duo ensures that energy usage remains efficient, costs stay in check, and environmental impact is minimized. In this article, we explore the three main PFC solutions—passive capacitors, active SVGs, and the hybrid approach—while shining a spotlight on Enjoypowers’ cutting-edge Static Var Generators (SVGs).

The Power Trio: PFC Solutions

  1. Passive Capacitors


    • Simple and cost-effective.
    • Corrects lagging power factor.


    • Fixed compensation, not adaptable to varying loads.
    • Risk of overcompensation.
  2. Active SVGs


    • Dynamic compensation for varying loads.
    • Mitigates harmonics and voltage distortions.


    • Higher initial investment.
    • Requires skilled installation and maintenance.
  3. Hybrid Compensation


    • Cost-effective blend of capacitors and SVGs.
    • Precise control of reactive power.
    • Adaptable to changing load conditions.
Enjoypowers' Hybrid Var Compensator (HVC)
Enjoypowers’ Hybrid Var Compensator (HVC)

Enjoypowers’ SVGs: The Game-Changer

  • 16 Built-in DO Control Capacitors: Fine-tune your power factor with precision.
  • Collaboration with Power Capacitor Manufacturers: Enjoypowers partners with over 95% of China’s power capacitor manufacturers.
  • Efficiency and Sustainability: SVGs optimize power usage, reduce wastage, and enhance overall system performance.
Enjoypowers Hybrid Var Compensator SVG
Enjoypowers Hybrid Var Compensator SVG build-in 16 DOs


Power factor correction isn’t just about numbers; it’s about efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility. Enjoypowers’ SVGs exemplify this commitment, empowering businesses to thrive while treading lightly on our planet.

Keywords: Power Factor Correction, SVG, Hybrid Compensation
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