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Enjoypowers focuses on power electronics technology, is a top power quality product manufacturer in China, and provides customers with power quality solutions and products to increase productivity, reduce carbon footprint, and save money at the same time.

Enjoypowers is committed to the introduction of new technology and techniques, constantly iterating products, improving the cost performance and scope of application of products, and exporting our products all over the world.

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After-Sales Service

Training on how to install and replace modules, and provide module replacement services

Excellent logistics

Ensuring timely delivery of consignments all over the world through ocean, airline, road, and railway.


12 months after delivery or 1500 work hours. The exclusive and unique solution can be provided and professional engineers and staff.

OEM Services

Customized power quality solutions.Design and make suitable products according to the operating environment and special requests.

Company History


  • May 26, established in Shenzhen
  • 100A, 150A APF began to apply on a small scale
  • Office space: 50 square meters


  • Release power quality products
  • Hybrid SVG products apply to State Grid of China on a large-scale
  • Office space: 300 square meters


  • Covering all province in State Grid of China
  • The annual shipment volume exceeds 5,000 units
  • Office space: 1350 square meters


  • National high-tech enterprise certification
  • The number of partners increased to 300
  • Released energy storage PCS products
  • The annual shipment volume exceeds 10,000 units
  • Office space: 1500 square meters


  • exported to the United States, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries
  • The annual shipment volume exceeds 15,000 units
  • Office space: 1500 square meters


  • Deliver 21MWh energy storage project
  • energy storage business is growing rapidly
  • Annual shipment volume exceeds 20,000 units
  • Office space: 1500 square meters


  • Establish three major business segments
  • The annual shipment volume exceeds 30,000 units
  • Office space: 5000 square meters


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