Static Transfer Switch STS

EJ-STS series intelligent static transfer switch realizes fast switching within 20ms between grid-connected and off-grid states. Under normal working conditions, the STS is closed; when the utility power is interrupted, the STS is immediately disconnected, and the system switches to the off-grid power supply, and the battery discharges the load. STS has the characteristics of intelligent switching, fast response, redundant design, and convenient maintenance.

Rated power: 200/500/800kW
Rated voltage: 400Vac
Grid frequency: 50/60 ± 10%

1. Overview

When the energy storage system needs to provide backup power for important loads, the energy storage system needs to be equipped with STS to disconnect the energy storage system and important loads from the grid when the grid is powered off. In this way, energy storage can provide uninterrupted backup power for critical loads.

2. Features

  • Intelligent: intelligent operation, with CAN, 485, Ethernet and other communication interfaces;
  • Response: Smart and fast separation of power grid and micro grid, switching power supply circuit (≤20ms)
  • Reliable: High-reliability backup design (parallel design of fast switch and bypass switch) to ensure that important loads are not interruptedConvenience: front maintenance design, easy to operate and maintain


Enjoypowers STS Specification

Enjoypowers STS user manual

Enjoypowers_STS Communication Protocol V2.2

Enjoypowers 200kW STS 3D.stp

Enjoypowers 500kW STS 3D.stp

4. Typical application

Work with the energy storage ACDC module to form an energy storage system to provide backup power for key loads.

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