480/690V Active Harmonic Filter AHF Module

Enjoypowers’ 480/690V Active Harmonic Filter(active power filter) AHF Module is a flexible and modular power quality product for harmonic mitigation, power factor correction and three-phase balance.

Rated capacity: 75A/100A
Rated input: 480/690Vac
Power grid frequency: 50/60Hz ± 10%
Filter Range: 2nd to 50th order
Mounting type: Wall-mounted, Rack-mounted, Floor-mounted
Power grid structure: 3P3W, 3P4W
Price: Affordable and negotiable
Warranty: Standard 1 year, Negotiable
Hybrid var compensation: Support

1. 480/690V Active Harmonic Filter AHF Module Overview

Enjoypowers’ 480/690V active harmonic filter AHF module is a three-level inverter power management system used for power harmonics filtering, power factor correction, three-phase load balancing, effectively reducing line loss, and prolonging the service life of power equipment.
Enjoypowers’ 480/690V active harmonic filter AHF’s modular design allows flexibility in installation and integration. It is a preferred power quality solution for all power consumers, system integrators, and OEMs.

2. Active Harmonic Filter Operating principle

Enjoypowers’ AHF is connected in parallel with the nonlinear load and uses a set of current transformers (CT) to detect the load current. It calculates each order harmonic current through the FFT algorithm in its DSP chip, and then generates a compensation current with the same amplitude but opposite phase angle to the detected harmonic current, so as to offset the original load harmonic.

3. Product specification

Rated voltage[V] 480/690 480/690
Filter characteristics Line current rating [A] 75 100
Reactive power Compensation capacity [kVar] 50 75
Unbalanced kvar and kW compensation 100% 100%
Dimensions(W*D*H, mm) 525*626*250 525*626*250
Weight [kg] 50 50

4 . Active Harmonic Filter AHF Module Features

  • High energy efficiency, due to three-level inverter technology
  • Integration of load balancing, power factor compensation, and harmonics filtering features into one module
  • Hybrid var compensation solution: built-in 16 DO ports to control ordinary capacitors, or RS485 interface to control intelligent capacitor
  • Precise compensation, high-speed response, Overall response time <7.8ms
  • Load balancing and unloading of neutral wires
  • Flexibility and modularity

5. 480/690V Active Harmonic Filter AHF Module Applications

  • All types of industrial installations
  • Equipment using variable speed drive (VSD) and frequency converter
  • arcing equipment: electric arc furnace (EAF), ladle furnace (LF), and arc welding machine
  • Switching power supply: computer, TV, photocopiers, printer, air conditioner, PLC
  • UPS system
  • Datacenter
  • Medical equipment: MRI scanner, CT scanner, X-ray machine, and linear accelerator
  • Lighting equipment: LED, fluorescent lamp, mercury vapor lamp, sodium vapor lamp, and an ultraviolet lamp
  • Solar inverter and wind turbine generators

6. Why choose Enjoypowers?

  • Enjoypowers is the top power quality manufacturer in China
  • More than 16 years of experience in electronics technology
  • Compliance with grid standards and norms
  • CE, RoHS, CQC certification, EMC of IEC61000, IEEE 519 compliance
  • Suitability for the majority of segments like commercial and infrastructure segments
  • Provide customized development of structure, software, hardware, and functions
  • Provides complete training and services to continuously empower partners
  • Enjoypowers’ products have been successfully delivered in more than 20 countries

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