Determining the Right Size of Active Harmonic Filters

Enhancing Power Quality with Enjoypowers: Determining the Right Size of Active Harmonic Filters


Power quality is a critical aspect of modern electrical systems, and managing harmonic distortion is essential for ensuring reliable and efficient operations. Enjoypowers, a leading provider of power quality solutions, offers Active Harmonic Filters (AHF) designed to reduce Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) effectively. This article provides a detailed calculation process for configuring AHF modules in a power distribution system, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with international standards.

Understanding Harmonic Distortion and THD

Harmonic distortion occurs when non-linear loads, such as electronic devices and variable frequency drives, introduce harmonics into the power system. These harmonics can cause various issues, including overheating, equipment malfunction, and reduced efficiency. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is a measure of the harmonic distortion present in a system, expressed as a percentage of the fundamental frequency. Reducing THD is crucial for maintaining power quality and system reliability.

Calculation Process for Configuring AHF Modules

Parameters and Initial Setup

To accurately configure Enjoypowers AHF modules, we need to consider the following parameters:

  • Transformer Capacity: 2000 kVA
  • System Voltage: 400 V
  • Total Current: 75% of rated current
  • Current THDi: 35%
  • Target THDi: 5%
  • Redundancy Factor: 30%

Step-by-Step Calculation

  1. Determine the Rated Current of the Transformer:The rated current of the transformer is calculated using the formula:
    𝐼rated=Transformer Capacity3System Voltage

    Substituting the values:


    Calculate the Actual Current:The actual current is 75% of the rated current:

  2. Calculate the Fundamental Current:The fundamental current 𝐼fundamental is given by:

    Substituting the values:

  3. Calculate the Harmonic Current before Filtering:The harmonic current 𝐼 before filtering is:
  4. Calculate the Target Harmonic Current:The target harmonic current𝐼,target is:
    𝐼,target=𝐼fundamentalTarget THDi100
  5. Calculate the Required Harmonic Current to be Filtered:The required harmonic current
    𝐼,requiredto be filtered is:

  6. Consider the Redundancy Factor:Including a 30% redundancy factor, the total required filtering capacity is:
    𝐼,total=𝐼,required(1+Redundancy Factor100)
  7. Determine the Number of AHF Modules:Assuming each AHF module has a capacity of 200A:
    Number of Modules=𝐼,totalCapacity per AHF Module

    Number of Modules=798.26A200A3.99

    Rounding up to the nearest whole number:

    Number of Modules=4


By following the detailed calculation process outlined above, we determined that 4 Enjoypowers 200A AHF modules are needed to achieve the desired reduction in THD, considering a 30% redundancy factor. This accurate calculation ensures the optimal configuration of AHF modules, enhancing power quality and system reliability.

The Value of Enjoypowers Power Quality Demonstration Cabinet

Enjoypowers’ Power Quality Demonstration Cabinet is a versatile tool designed to showcase the functionality and benefits of power quality solutions, including Active Harmonic Filters and Static Var Generators. This cabinet serves multiple purposes:

  1. Educational Tool: It provides a practical and interactive way to teach the principles of power quality, helping users understand how AHFs and SVGs work to solve power quality issues such as harmonics, low power factor, and three-phase imbalance.
  2. System Demonstration: It allows potential customers and partners to visualize the performance and effectiveness of Enjoypowers’ products, building confidence in their application.
  3. Testing Platform: The demonstration cabinet can test and verify AHF and SVG modules under various load conditions, ensuring their reliability and performance before deployment in real-world applications.

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