Energy storage PCS Bi-directional DCDC module

EPCS series energy storage bidirectional DC/DC converters, based on a three-level topology, can realize bidirectional conversion from DC to DC. It has the advantages of bidirectional wide voltage range, bidirectional voltage and current active control, high power density, and natural heat dissipation.

Rated power: 50kW
Low voltage side: 0~750Vdc
High voltage side: 300~850Vdc(the high voltage side must be 50Vdc higher than the low voltage side)
Maximum current: 80A @ low voltage side

1. Overview

Enjoy energy storage bidirectional DC/DC converter adopts three-level topology. It is not only suitable for battery step-up or step-down scenarios, but also for photovoltaic MPPT step-up and step-down.

2. Operating mode

  • Bidirectional DC/DC, constant voltage, constant current or constant power
  • boost, buck
  • Boost MPPT, Buck MPPT

3. Application

  • Cooperate with energy storage bidirectional ACDC to expand ACDC DC side voltage rangeUsed in conjunction
  • with photovoltaic panels, running MPPT, combined with bidirectional ACDC modules to form a hybrid photovoltaic + BESS energy storage inverter.


Enjoypowers DCDC_Module Specification

Enjoypowers DCDC_User Manual

Enjoypowers Energy Storage DCDC Communication Protocol V.1.10

Enjoypowers 50kw DCDC_Module_3D

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