Energy managment system

The EJ-EMS series energy management system provides integrated control and monitoring functions for the energy storage system, collects and analyzes real-time data of various equipment in the energy storage system, and monitors various key data parameters in real time.

Functions: demand control, peak shaving and valley filling, power quality, etc., can be customized

1. overview

EJ-EMS energy management system is composed of embedded host, human-machine interface, sensor and cloud platform according to its application type. The energy management system can realize equipment information collection, control, data summary, chart analysis and other functions, and provide charging and discharging strategies for the energy storage system according to electricity price, time period, battery BMS data, load rate, etc.

2. Features

  • Flexible: Applicable to various energy storage systems with fast response
  • Intelligent: Real-time monitoring and remote control of new energy power generation equipment, which can dispatch and balance power resources
  • Reliable: with anti-reverse current protection to prevent reverse power transmission

3. Dimensions

4.Product specification

Technical Specifications EC100
Power input DC24V,<2A
SD SD Card port
USB-HOST U-disk interface(software upgrading)
RST Reset port(Local controller reset)
Communication interface 2*Ethernet、8*RS485、2*CAN、1*4G
Analog input 6 channels
Digital input 16 channels (support passive dry contact input signal)
Digital output 16 channels, normally open or normally closed
Indicator light Power light, running light, warning light, communication light,etc
RF Wireless antenna interface
GPS GPS antenna interface
Ethernet Modbus TCP,IEC61850 MMS
RS485 Modbus RTU
CAN Compatible with multi-manufacturer BMS
Operational mode System demand control,Peak Load Shifting,etc(customizable)
  General data
Operation Temperature(℃) -25~60
Relative humidity 0%RH~95%RH
Max. Altitude(m) 4000
Display 7寸/10.1 inch screen
Weight(kg) 1.84
Dimensions W*D*H(mm) 440*120*44
Protection class IP20

5. Typical application

The EJ-EMS energy management system aims to realize one-stop energy storage life cycle operation management, promote digital intelligent operation and maintenance, realize efficient docking of power grid dispatching, secure real-time dispatching of energy storage power stations, assist the safe operation of power stations, increase power station revenue, and shorten investment recycling cycle.

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