400V mini Static Var Generator SVG

Enjoypowers’ 400V mini Static Var Generator SVG, is Flexibility and modularity used to improve power quality, mitigates power quality problems like harmonics, low power factor, and unbalances, to ensure grid power quality and reliability. Mini SVG is suitable to form a hybrid Var compensation(HVC) solution with capacitors and reactors.

Rated capacity: 10kVar/20kVar
Rated input: 400Vac
Power grid frequency: 50/60Hz ± 10%
Function: Power foctor correction, Reactive power compensation, Three-phase balance, elimination of Harmonic Currents and Voltages
Mounting type: Wall-mounted, Rack-mounted
Power grid structure: 3P3W, 3P4W
Price: Affordable and negotiable
Warranty: Standard 1 year, Negotiable
Hybrid var compensation: Support

1. mini Static Var Generator SVG Overview

Enjoypowers’ 400V mini Static Var Generator SVG is a three-level inverter reactive power management system used for power factor correction, power harmonics filtering, three-phase load balancing, effectively reducing line loss, and prolonging the service life of power equipment.
Enjoypowers’ 400V mini Static Var Generator SVG’s modular design allows flexibility in installation and integration.
Enjoypowers’ 400V mini Static Var Generator SVG is suitable to form a hybrid Var compensation(HVC) solution with capacitors and reactors.
It is a preferred power quality solution for all power consumers, system integrators, and OEMs.

2. Operating principle

Enjoypowers’ SVG is a device based on power electronics technology, which is connected in parallel with loads requiring harmonic mitigation. SVG works as a controlled current source and provides any type of current waveform in real-time.
When the load generates inductive or capacitive current, it makes load current lag or leads to the voltage. SVG detects the phase angle difference and injects leading or lagging current into the power system in real-time, so that the phase angle of current is almost the same as that of voltage, so as to unify the basic power factor.

3.Product specification

Rated voltage   [V] 400
Reactive power Compensation capacity [kVar] 20
Filter characteristics Line current rating [A] 30
Unbalanced kvar and kW compensation 100%
Dimensions(W*D*H, mm) 230*365*88
Weight [kg] 7

4. Features

  • High energy efficiency, due to three-level inverter technology
  • Integration of load balancing, power factor compensation, and harmonics filtering features into one module
  • Hybrid var compensation solution: built-in RS485 interface to control intelligent capacitor
  • Precise compensation, high-speed response, Overall response time <7.8ms
  • Load balancing and unloading of neutral wires
  • Flexibility and modularity

5. Applications

  • All types of industrial installations
  • Equipment using variable speed drive (VSD)
  • arcing equipment: electric arc furnace (EAF), ladle furnace (LF), and arc welding machine
  • Switching power supply: computer, TV, photocopiers, printer, air conditioner, PLC
  • UPS system
  • Datacenter
  • Medical equipment: MRI scanner, CT scanner, X-ray machine, and linear accelerator
  • Lighting equipment: LED, fluorescent lamp, mercury vapor lamp, sodium vapor lamp, and an ultraviolet lamp
  • Solar inverter and wind turbine generators

6. Why choose Enjoypowers?

  • Enjoypowers is the top power quality manufacturer in China
  • More than 16 years of experience in electronics technology
  • Compliance with grid standards and norms
  • CE, RoHS, CQC certification, EMC of IEC61000, IEEE 519 compliance
  • Suitability for the majority of segments like commercial and infrastructure segments
  • Provide customized development of structure, software, hardware, and functions
  • Provides complete training and services to continuously empower partners
  • Enjoypowers’ products have been successfully delivered in more than 20 countries

7. Download

Enjoypowers Power Quality Solutions SinE-Series Static Var Generator Specification V2.5

Enjoypowers Static Var Generator User manual V2.5

SVG CE Certification(20-100kVar)

8. Vedios

This series of videos introduces the working principle of SVG, how to wire and connect CT, how to set up HMI, how to communicate with AHF, etc.

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