Energy storage PCS 200kW 1500Vdc

The Enjoypowers EPCS series is a modular station-level 1500Vdc PCS (Power Conversion System). It features a three-level topology, enabling seamless conversion between DC and AC. This bidirectional AC/DC converter efficiently charges batteries by converting AC to DC and also provides AC power to loads or feeds excess energy back to the grid. Rated power options range from 200kW to 2250kW, with the ability to parallel multiple modules up to 3.45MW.

Rated power: 200kW/215kW/225kW,Multiple modules can be paralleled up to 3.45MW
Rated voltage: 690Vac
Grid frequency: 50/60Hz ± 10%
DC side voltage range:  1060~1500Vdc

Energy storage PCS 200kW 1500Vdc

  • Three-level topology, the highest conversion efficiency >99%
  • Longer system life, highly competitive levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
  • Support multi-machine parallel operation, expandable to 3.45MW
  • Modular equipment makes the configuration more flexible and easy to maintain
  • High-speed IGBT, low internal resistance filter
  • Support ms-level scheduling response, active network construction
  • Support high and low voltage ride-through, proactively adapt to weak power grids

Typical Application Scenarios

  • Energy Storage Power Plants: These systems typically have a power capacity greater than 10MW and employ cascaded multilevel topologies, supporting parallel operation of multiple units. They are used in large-scale energy storage projects for grid frequency regulation, peak shaving, and integration with renewable energy sources.
  • Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage: 1500V energy storage systems are suitable for commercial and industrial purposes, such as microgrids, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, and load leveling in power plants.

In summary, the 1500V energy storage systems offer a 35% increase in energy density and reduce initial investment costs by over 10%, making them applicable across various scenarios .


Enjoypowers 1500Vdc PCS

Enjoypowers EPCS200-AM Specification

Enjoypowers EPCS200-AM communication Protocol

Enjoypowers EPCS200-AM Rack mounted

Enjoypowers EPCS200-AM Vertical mounted

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