How to Size Your SVG Modules for Optimal Power Factor Correction

In the bustling world of power factor correction, understanding the right size for your Static Var Generator (SVG) modules is crucial. Whether you’re optimizing industrial processes or enhancing grid stability, Enjoypowers has you covered. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of SVG sizing and discover how to achieve peak performance.

Why SVG Sizing Matters

  • Power Factor Correction: SVGs play a pivotal role in correcting power factor imbalances. But how do you determine the ideal size for your application?
  • Parallel Modules: Enjoypowers offers SVG modules ranging from 10kVar to 150kVar. These modules can be connected in parallel to form an SVG cabinet, tailored to diverse scenarios.

Calculating SVG Size

Step 1: Assess Your Load

  • Load Profile: Begin by analyzing your load characteristics. Is it predominantly inductive or capacitive?
  • Power Factor: Calculate the existing power factor. This baseline helps you understand the correction needed.

Step 2: Determine Required kVar

  • Target Power Factor: Decide on the desired power factor (usually close to unity, i.e., 0.99 or higher).
  • Formula: Required kVar = Load kVA × (1 – Desired Power Factor)

Step 3: Module Selection

  • Parallel Configuration: Enjoypowers’ modular approach allows you to combine multiple modules.
  • Balancing Act: Opt for a combination that achieves the required kVar while maintaining balance across modules.

Practical Considerations

  • Harmonics: Account for harmonics and reactive power fluctuations.
  • Dynamic Loads: Factor in load variations during operation.
  • Temperature: Ensure modules operate within specified temperature limits.


  • Precision Matters: Sizing your SVG modules accurately ensures efficient power factor correction.
  • Enjoypowers Advantage: With our certified products and global expertise, we’re your trusted partner in achieving optimal power quality.

Remember, the right SVG size isn’t just a number—it’s the key to unlocking efficiency and harmony in your power system. Enjoypowers: Enjoy your power. 🌟

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