Enjoypowers' Active Harmonic Filter AHF and Static Var Generator SVG module

400Vac Static Var Generator used to 11kV grid


In photovoltaic power plants or factories, the voltage of the grid is 11kV or 33kV. If the required capacity for reactive power compensation is small, low-voltage Static Var Generator SVG can be used to compensate for high-voltage reactive power, which is more cost-effective.

1. Project Background and Enjoypowers Solutions

When the power factor tracking point is at the high-voltage 11kV gate, SVG can collect the PT voltage signal and CT current signal at the high-voltage side gate. If there is no PT on the high-voltage side of the user, SVG can collect the voltage of the low-voltage side through its own software calculation, track the power factor of the high-voltage side, and realize the automatic reactive power compensation function of the power factor at the high-voltage switch. The response time of dynamic compensation is not more than 30ms.

2. System schematic

3. power quality Applications

4. About Enjoypowers

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