Calculating the Appropriate Size of an Active Harmonic Filter (AHF)

How to Calculate the Appropriate Size of an Active Harmonic Filter (AHF)

Active harmonic filters (AHFs) are essential for mitigating harmonics and improving power quality in electrical systems. Choosing the right size AHF is crucial to ensure effective harmonic mitigation without oversizing or undersizing the equipment. This article outlines the steps involved in calculating the appropriate size of an AHF and highlights Enjoypowers’ capability to provide AHF modules ranging from 30-150A, as well as customized AHF cabinets based on calculation results.

Calculate the Appropriate Size of an Active Harmonic Filter
Calculate the Appropriate Size of an Active Harmonic Filter

Step-by-Step Calculation Process:

  1. Harmonic Analysis: Conduct a thorough harmonic analysis of the electrical system to identify the predominant harmonic frequencies and their magnitudes. This analysis provides crucial information for sizing the AHF.
  2. Load Assessment: Determine the total harmonic current distortion (THID) or total harmonic distortion (THD) of the load. THID/THD represents the percentage of harmonic currents relative to the fundamental current and helps in estimating the size of the AHF required to mitigate harmonics.
  3. Harmonic Current Compensation: Calculate the required harmonic current compensation by multiplying the THID/THD by the rated load current. This calculation yields the magnitude of harmonic currents that need to be compensated by the AHF.
  4. AHF Sizing: Select an AHF with a current rating sufficient to compensate for the calculated harmonic currents. Consider factors such as the AHF’s current capacity, voltage rating, and harmonic compensation capabilities.

Enjoypowers’ AHF Solutions:

Enjoypowers offers a comprehensive range of AHF products designed to meet various harmonic mitigation requirements. Our AHF modules are available in sizes ranging from 30-150A, catering to a wide range of applications and load sizes. Whether you need to mitigate harmonics in a small-scale industrial facility or a large commercial complex, Enjoypowers has the right AHF solution for you.

In addition to standalone AHF modules, Enjoypowers specializes in designing and manufacturing customized AHF cabinets composed of multiple AHF modules. These AHF cabinets are tailored to the specific needs of your electrical system, providing enhanced flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in harmonic mitigation.

With Enjoypowers’ AHF solutions, you can effectively mitigate harmonics, improve power quality, and ensure the reliable operation of your electrical infrastructure.

Contact Enjoypowers today to learn more about our AHF products and solutions tailored to your harmonic mitigation needs.

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