Bi-directional AC/DC module

EPCS series energy storage bidirectional AC/DC converter adopts three-level topology, which can realize bidirectional conversion from DC to AC and AC to DC. It can convert AC into DC to charge the battery, and convert DC into AC. , to supply power to the load or feed back to the grid.

Rated power: 30kW, 50kW, 62.5kW, 80kW, 100kW,Multiple modules can be paralleled up to 1MW
Rated voltage: 400Vac
Grid frequency: 50/60Hz ± 10%
DC side voltage range: 615~900(3P3L/4L)/1060~1500(3P3L)

1. Working principle of energy storage bidirectional AC/DC converter

Working principle of energy storage bidirectional AC/DC converter

2. Technical Specifications of Energy Storage Bidirectional AC/DC Converter

Model EPCS30-AM-






Max. efficiency >98.2%
Battery type lithium /Lead-acid
Max. Charging power(kW) 33 55 69.3 88 115.5 220
Max. Discharging power(kW) 33 55 69.3 88 115.5 220
Voltage range(V) 615~850 615~950 1060~1500
Max. Current(A) 55 82 103 130 171 189
Battery string 1
AC output topology 3W+N/3W 3W
Output rating(kW) 30 50 63 80 105 200
Max. Apparent power(kVA) 33 55 69.3 88 115.5 220
Rated output voltage(V)                                  230/400,3W/N+PE 690
Rated power frequency( Hz) 50/60
Max. Current output( A) 48 80 101 128 167 184
PF 1.0lagging-1.0leading
THDI <3%
Output rating(kW) 30 50 63 80 105 200
Max. Apparent power(kVA) 33 55 69.3 88 115.5 220
Rated output voltage(V)                                    230/400 690
Max. Current output 48 80 101 128 167 184
Frequency 50/60
Anti-island protection yes
DC reverse connection protection yes
DC surge protection yes
AC surge protection yes
AC overcurrent protection yes
AC short-circuit protection yes
AC overvoltage protection yes
  General data
Operation Temperature(℃) -30~55
Relative humidity 0%RH~95%RH
Altitude(m) 4000(2000 derating)
Cooling mode Air cooling
Communication CAN/RS485
Weight(kg) 12 15 37 50 68
Dimensions W*D*H( mm) 440*425*88 592*585*120 440*585*232 440*620*255 720*640*270
Protection class IP20
Certification EN IEC 62109-1, EN IEC 62109-2, IEC 62116
Technical standard GB/T 34120-2017, GB/T 34133-2017

3. Features

  • Three-level topology, the highest conversion efficiency >98.5%
  • High dynamic response, full load switching time as low as 10ms
  • Support multi-machine parallel operation, expandable to 2MW
  • Modular equipment makes the configuration more flexible and easy to maintain
  • High-speed IGBT, low internal resistance filterAnd off-grid seamless switching, fast response, to ensure continuous and uninterrupted power supply of key loads
  • Wide DC input range, supporting cascade battery utilization
  • Independent adjustment of active and reactive power to improve power quality

5. Typical Application Scenarios

  • Energy storage, lithium battery testing
  • AC/DC analog power supply, electronic loadEnergy storage inverter
  • Peak shaving and valley filling: store electricity when the electricity price is low, and discharge it during the peak period of electricity consumption, saving electricity cost
  • Uninterrupted power supply: When the power grid fails, the system can provide uninterrupted off-grid power supply to ensure the normal operation of the load
  • Dynamic capacity increase: Compensate for short-term power resources shortage and delay power distribution investment
  • Power quality management, compensation for transient drop of grid voltage, load power factor and harmonic current
  • Can form a hybrid microgrid system

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