Hybrid var compensator(HVC)

Hybrid Var Compensator (HVC) is a cost-effective, modular, and high-performance solution that mitigates power quality problems like low power factor, harmonics, and unbalances, to ensure grid power quality and reliability.

Core specification

  • Rated input: 200/400/690Vac
  • Power grid frequency: 50/60Hz ± 10%
  • Function: Reactive power compensation, three-phase balance, elimination of Harmonic Currents and Voltages
  • Mounting type: Floor-mounted
  • Power grid structure: 3P3W, 3P4W
  • Price: Affordable and negotiable
  • Warranty: Standard 1 year, Negotiable

1. Hybrid var compensator Overview

Hybrid var compensator(HVC) combines the technical advantages of AHF and SVG with the cost-effectiveness of a traditional contactor or thyristor switch detuning filter capacitor bank to form an economic stepless real-time compensator.
Hybrid var compensator(HVC) offer different functions:

  • Eliminate harmonic current and voltage
  • Power factor correction (lag or lead)
  • Load balancing in the three-phase system

Hybrid var compensator(HVC) can prolong equipment life, improve process reliability, improve power system capacity and stability, and reduce energy loss.
Enjoypowers’ AHF and SVG all support hybrid var compensator(HVC) solution. It is a cost-effective power quality solution for all power consumers, system integrators, and OEMs.

2. Hybrid var compensator Operating principle

HVC uses the capacitor bank steps to fulfill the maximum capacitive reactive power requirements of the power system, and the AHF and SVG in the HVC take care of the extra continuous compensation (capacitive or inductive) required.At the same time, the HVC can filter out the harmonics of the system and reduce the three-phase unbalance.
Capacitor banks in HVC are directly controlled by AHF and SVG through RS485 or DO signals, RS485 is used for intelligent capacitors, and DO signals are used for ordinary capacitors.

3. Hybrid var compensator Electrical schematic diagram

4. Structure diagram of Hybrid Var Compensation(HVC)

One Enjoypowers’ AHF or SVG can control up to 16 delta intelligent capacitors and 10 star(Wye) intelligent capacitors through built-in RS485 interface.

One Enjoypowers’ AHF or SVG can control up to 16 ordinary capacitors through built-in DO interface.

5. Hybrid var compensator Features

  • Precise compensation
  • Quick response: overall response time <7.8ms
  • Flexibility and modularity
  • High cost-effective
  • Safe and reliable
  • Integration of reactive power compensation, three phase balance, elimination of Harmonic Currents and Voltages

6. Hybrid var compensator Applications

  • All types of industrial installations
  • Equipment using variable speed drive (VSD) and frequency converter
  • arcing equipment: electric arc furnace (EAF), ladle furnace (LF) and arc welding machine.
  • Switching power supply: computer, TV, photocopiers, printer, air conditioner, PLC
  • UPS system
  • Data center
  • Medical equipment: MRI scanner, CT scanner, X-ray machine and linear accelerator.
  • Lighting equipment: LED, fluorescent lamp, mercury vapor lamp, sodium vapor lamp and ultraviolet lamp.
  • Solar inverter and wind turbine generators

7. Why choose Enjoypowers?

  • All Enjoypowers’ APF and SVG support HVC solution
  • more than 100 kinds of intelligent capacitor protocols are compatible
  • Enjoypowers is the top power quality manufacturer in China
  • More than 16 years’ experience in electronics technology
  • Compliance to grid standards and norms
  • CE, RoHS, CQC certification, EMC of IEC61000, IEEE 519 compliance
  • Suitability for majority of segments like commercial and infrastructure segments
  • Provide customized development of structure, software, hardware and functions
  • Provides complete training and services to continuously empower partners
  • Enjoypowers’ products have been successfully delivered in more than 20 countries

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