Battery Energy Storage System

EJ series energy storage system BESS is an intelligent and modular power supply equipment integrating lithium batteries and bidirectional energy storage converters. According to different application scenarios, lithium batteries, bidirectional AC/DC converters, Converter, static transfer switch STS, energy management system EMS and other modules can be combined in any way, and with perfect air conditioning, fire protection, security and other subsystems, it can realize grid-connected power supply, off-grid power supply, and off-grid uninterrupted power supply, static reactive power Compensation, harmonic suppression and other functions.

1. Energy storage system composition

  • bidirectional energy storage converter
    • Bidirectional ACDC Energy Storage Converter
    • Bidirectional DCDC energy storage converter (optional)
  • Static toggle switch (optional)
  • Isolation transformer (optional)
  • Battery system, including BMS, wiring harness, etc.
  • Energy management system EMS
  • Air Conditioning and Fire Protection Systems
  • container or outdoor cabinet

3. Features of energy storage system

Safe and reliable

  • High-quality lithium iron phosphate cells and modules
  • The battery module adopts PC bracket and steel structure design
  • Damping pad design for battery installation, improving the shock resistance of the system
  • IP54 design for safe and reliable operation in harsh environments
  • PCS is connected in series with the battery pack to prevent circulation and improve system reliability and maintainability
  • BMS and AC and DC multi-layer protection, the system is more secure
  • Fault prediction, identification and rapid location

Efficient and convenient

  • PCS and battery system adopt modular design, which is convenient for installation, maintenance and capacity expansion
  • Photovoltaic, oil-generator direct access, multi-energy intelligent management and control
  • Integrated equipment, can be fixed, vehicle-mounted, easy to move
  • Multiple systems can be connected in parallel
  • Efficient, digital and intelligent EMS system architecture design
  • 0.5C charge and discharge rate

cost optimization

  • One machine with multiple functions: off-grid uninterrupted power supply, dynamic capacity expansion, peak-shaving and valley-filling optimization of power consumption mode
  • Reactive power compensation, harmonic suppression, improvement of three-phase unbalance, realization of multi-energy complementarity, scientific configuration
  • The energy storage system is prefabricated in the factory, reducing the cost of on-site installation
  • Small size, light weight, saving floor space
  • Long life, low failure rate, low operation and maintenance cost
  • Maximize the use of green energy and save electricity bills

4. Technical Specification

Model BESS200KWH-100KW
Max. efficiency 98.2%
Max. Input Power(kW) 100
Max. Input voltage(V) 800
Voltage range(V) 200~700
Start-up voltage(V) 200
Rated voltage(V) 500
Max. Current each MPPT(A) 100
Max. Short current(A) 120
MPPT number 2
Max. String number 1
Battery pack
Cell type LFP 3.2V/280Ah
Combination mode 1P16S
Rated voltage(V) 51.2
Battery capacity(kWh) 14.34
Charge-discharge capacity ≤1C
Battery string
Combination mode 14S
Rated voltage(V) 716.8
Voltage range(V) 638.4~806.4
Battery capacity(kWh) 200.7
Charge-discharge capacity ≤0.5C
AC output topology 3W+N/3W
Output rating(kW) 100
Max. Apparent power(kVA) 110
Rated output voltage(V) 230/400
Rated power frequency(Hz) 50/60
Max. Current output(A) 159
PF 1.0lagging-1.0leading
THDI <3%
Isolation mode Transformer(optional)
Output rating(kW) 100
Max. Apparent power(kVA) 110
Rated output voltage(V) 230/400
Frequency 50/60
Max. Current output 159
PF 1.0lagging-1.0leading
General data
Protection Anti-island protection, DC reverse connection protection, insulation monitoring, DC surge protection, AC surge protection, AC over current protection,etc.
Operation Temperature(℃) -25~+55
Relative humidity 0%RH~95%RH
Max. Altitude(m) 4000(2000 derating)
Cooling mode Air cooling
Display 7/10 inch screen
Communication CAN/RS485
Weight(kg) 1400
Dimensions W*D*H( mm) 1900*1300*2385
IP/FFJB class IP54/C5

5. Comparison of string energy storage system solution and centralized energy storage system solution

String energy storage system: each cluster of batteries is independently connected to the DC side of the bidirectional AC/DC converter

String energy storage system

Centralized energy storage system: multiple clusters of batteries connected in parallel to the DC side of the bidirectional AC/DC converter

Centralized energy storage system

Features of string energy storage system:

  • Each cluster of batteries is independent, not affected by inconsistent internal resistance, and the charging and discharging current of each cluster of batteries does not affect each other, eliminating circulating current
  • The impact of battery short board is small, one battery only affects one battery cluster
  • Simple switching operation strategy after failure
  • The battery decays slowly, and the life span can be extended by a maximum of one year
  • High security level, simple design

Features of centralized energy storage system

  • The internal resistance of each cluster of batteries is different, and the charge and discharge current of each cluster of batteries is different, and the circulation cannot be eliminated
  • The short board effect of the battery is obvious, and one battery affects one PCS system
  • Complicated switching strategies after faults
  • Fast battery decay
  • security level down

6. Energy storage system function

Industrial and commercial energy storage system, micro grid, hybrid micro grid

  • Shaving peaks and filling valleys
  • Dynamic expansion
  • demand control
  • backup power
  • black boot
  • Power Quality

7. List of Application Cases

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